I think I just love the person who over 30 years ago, in a meeting at Nintendo had the balls to say “You know what? I think the next generation’s hero will be a chubby, Italian plumber with a mustache. He also wears overalls.” 

Now that’s vision, man. 

Anonymous: i am literally stalking the crap out of your steroline tag!!! it's absolutely lovely and you make incredible AU's and i just had to show you love. it's almost 3am and i'm just on your blog which is perfect! haha

Aww that is so sweet!!! Thank you very much for the compliments, I really appreciate it :D But oh please, sleep! XD

it’s not only that Black Women don’t like people touching their hair its how other people view black hair and sometimes people touch it without permission.

There you go anon, here’s your full answer :)

Anonymous: I don't get the joke in that Wayne Brady gifset. What is it?

Black women don’t like people touching their hair. That’s what I got :) 


this is where i’d keep my scratching post…IF I HAD ONE


Missing member of every group: Running Man cast

Jaime likes pie now.