greendale seven appreciation

day 13: shirley bennett love day


What’s up with your hair?

He sighs, rolls his eyes, throws his head back dramatically and turns to see her, the infuriating smirk on her face very present “You do realize you ask me that question at least three times a day, right?”

She gets up from the couch and goes toward him, making her case “Well, excuse me for wanting my boyfriend to look at least presentable when he stands next to his one and only girlfriend. Is that a sin, Humphrey?”

Just like that, his goofy smiles comes out easily and he grabs her gently by the waist. Blair furrows her brows but the smile on her face is adorable and curious “What?”

He nearly giggles "You said I’m your boyfriend." 

She’s fighting the laugh that is seconds away from bursting out “So?”

"You also said you’re my girlfriend." 

His grin could lit up the place and she almost believed it when a ray of sunshine suddenly hit the living room of the loft. Her hands were in his chest “You really need to get on with the plan, Humphrey. Will I have to walk you through all the way?”

This time he went down and captured her lips, smiling as he whispered “I wouldn’t mind it.”

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Season 6 AU - “Care-”

"No! Don’t you ‘Care’ me! Don’t you dare!"

She stepped dangereously but fiercely close, slamming her hands against his chest repeatedly

"Why, Stefan? After all we’ve been through and you do this?!? You don’t just get to come back and think everything is going to be the same!

You were always there for me and I always helped you too. Whatever it was, we could take it together! You think I don’t know what it feels like to lose someone from your family?!?”

He didn’t fight her off, he let her continue “I’d have been by your side, always. And you know that, don’t lie because you do!”

Then her last sentence was barely a whisper, echoing through the house, so loud “You knew you always had me. But… did I really have you?"

My guardian angel probably facepalms a lot.